360 degree coverage



2018-02-28│360 DEGREE COVERAGE

Seeking to contribute to the achievement of the priority communication direction’s “Lithuania We Create with EU Investments” distinguished in 2014-2020 EU funds’ investments’ communication strategy objective National Regions’ Development Agency together with the partner Lithuania Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Crafts starts implementing the project “360 Degree Coverage”. (No. 12.0.1-CPVA-K-204-01).

Issues identified in the EU investments’ communication strategy show that members of society and the business community are not aware enough of action programmes’ implementation processes and project promoters using EU investments do not consider themselves as a part of the image created by EU therefore do not inform the society enough about the projects that are being implemented, maintenance and implantation processes. “360 Degree Coverage” is an innovative project which aims to clearly and concisely provide information about EU investments and its benefits to business operators, to share experiences of companies that already used EU investments in non-traditional ways (using virtual reality movies, videos, public events). The main objective of the project is to encourage the business community to take interest in European standard operating procedures created by EU investments and its benefits provided to a person, region and country.

Unique virtual reality movies created during project’s activities will be accessible to the project’s target group as well as to the whole society. Non-traditional ways to provide information will encourage residents of Lithuania to take interest in projects implemented by EU investments, their results, provided benefits and encourage them feel part of the active European community.

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