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Employment of population and economic activity are one of the main preconditions for economic prosperity and development. One of the most sensitive groups due to the rapid gap from the labour market are parents raising children younger than 3 years old. Some parents manage to return quickly to the labour market, but most low-income people are at risk of losing their jobs due to lost work skills. Those returning from the labour market after maternity/paternity leave face problems due to a lack of childcare services. Parents that have children in primary school have difficulty adjusting to the work schedule – there are not enough conditions in schools for students to stay after class (paid after-school class, groups). Given childcare services will let people on maternity/paternity leave to successfully integrate/return to the labour market – to be able to work full time and thus find work more easily.

The aim of the project is to improve the situation of the unemployed and economically inactive in the labour market by implementing initiatives aimed at increasing their employment.

During the implementation of the project “Artel of Practical Skills” (No. 08.6.1-ESFA-T-927-01-0050) unemployed and economically inactive people that will be provided with opportunities:

  • to acquire entrepreneurial skills (30 people);
  • to acquire work skills through non-formal education, which will be provided in three forms: apprenticeship (20 people), non-formal vocational training (10 people), acquisition of practical skills in the workplace (10 people);
  • “try out” a profession – acquisition of practical skills in the workplace by working full time (10 people);
  • information, consultations, meditation or other assistance is provided to the employment of the target group, also including non-formal education, internships, social activities (40 people) including in non-formal education, internships, social activities (40 persons);
  • discussion “One-day job opportunities in Lithuania”. To discuss the possibilities of implementing the idea of one-day work in Lithuania.

By allowing the target group to participate in the project activities, childcare is ensured throughout the project’s implementation period.

The project is being implemented 03-10-2019 – 02-10-2022.

Project partners: Association of Siauliai Industrialists, Public Institution Siauliai Labour Market Training Centre, Association Ecosystem Protection Centre.

The project is financed by the European Social Fund, the state budget of the Republic of Lithuania, Siauliai City Municipality and private funds.

Responsible for the project

Daiva Klimiene, IT consultant, Tel. +370 607 79 707, E-mail:



Gabriele Jonaityte is a young woman who came to us for a consultation in order to “try out” a profession and gain new knowledge. Gabriele did a volunteer internship for two months while participating in the project “Artel of Practical Skills” and acquired professional skills in the workplace.

The aim of the project “Artel of Practical Skills” – to improve the situation of the unemployed and economically inactive in the labour market people by implementing initiatives aimed at increasing their employment. The project is directly aimed at improving the professional skills of Siauliai residents and developing specific competencies, as well as creating conditions for companies to develop potential employees, provide them with the necessary work skills and take advantage of the opportunity to employ them. It also contributes to increasing the employment of the inactive and socially excluded.

We invite YOU to read about Gabriele impressions while discovering the project “Artel of Practical Skills” and trying out the project activities!

How did you find about the National Regions Development Agency? What prompted you to take part in “Artel of Practical Skills” Project?

I found out about the National Regions Development Agency from my aunt few years ago. Over time, I learned that the agency organizes a wide variety of interesting trainings and activities. Then I was offered to participate in a non-formal education program “Empowerment of Speaking: Oratory for Youth”, from which I learned a lot of useful things. After this program, I took part in several more and learned about the other projects from social media, also received suggestions from the agency to participate in one way or the other. The project “Artel of Practical Skills” was no exception. After hearing about this project, I wanted to know how things are done and after learning about that I did not hesitate to sign up for the volunteer internship, because it seemed to me that this is a great opportunity to gain knowledge and develop new skills that will be useful to me in the future.

Where did you do the volunteer internship?

I did a voluntary internship in the Association Social Integration Centre which purpose is to reduce social exclusion in society and to initiate cooperation. I had never heard of it before, so that made me curious to know. The Social Integration Centre carries out many activities: various projects, trainings, integration processes and international communication.

Tell us about your working day during your volunteer internship. What kind of work did you do?

The volunteer internship agenda was not monotonous; I was constantly doing different tasks and assignments; I saw what goes inside an agency. More than once I went to the agency’s organised trainings and projects, watched the whole workflow, even got to work with important documents, their specific requirements. I also saw how new project ideas are created, got to know various project’s descriptions and documentations, as well as having consultations with agency’s phycologist, which was really helpful to me. I did tasks that helped to find out more about myself and all my concerning questions were answered.

What did you enjoy the most of your voluntary internship?

I can’t distinguish what I enjoyed the most about this internship because all the experience I gained at this agency is simply invaluable. All experiences were helpful and very interesting, so I think I really enjoyed all this experience.

What kind of benefit has this experience given you?

This experience is going to be very helpful for me in searching for a job or for finding an area where I would like to see myself in the future. I also benefit from the acquaintances made during this project with all kinds of people who love their work endlessly.

Do you think that this voluntary internship will be useful in your future job search?

Voluntary internship will help me in finding a job. And not only because there will be extra point in my CV that I did an internship, but also because in the course of this internship I developed new practical skills, which already gives me more self-confidence, which is really good for the upcoming job interviews.

If you have a chance, would you repeat this experience? What would you wish for others to know who are considering joining this “Artel of Practical Skills” project? Would you repeat this experience again? What would you say to others that are considering participating in the project “Artel of Practical Skills”?

I would love to repeat this experience more than once. I’m repeating myself, but the new knowledge is invaluable. Every minute I spent doing the internship was very valuable to me. At the moment, I feel that I have grown up as a personality, because I discovered my new qualities and learning an infinite number of new things. And for the people who are considering or will consider to participate in this project, I would like to say – do not miss such opportunity! Take from every experience life gives you, especially an experience as good one as this, because it is very valuable!

We thank Gabriele for sharing her experience and we wish her success, to never stop improving and not to lose curiosity and optimism.

Looking for yourself? Want to try challenging yourself? Interested in undiscovered profession latitudes? Want to be a part of this project? Feel free to email us:


Although quarantine is increasingly hindering the country and our work, the consultations of the project “Artel of Practical Skills” do not stop! During the individual remote consultations together with a psychologist we talk about all the issues that concerns people: career, knowing one self, the strengths and areas of improvement, wants and opportunities. We are proud to continue our consultations and proud of the improvement of our participants!

03-10-2019| “Artel of Practical Skills” Project

Creating the future of Lithuania. 2014-2020 Operational Programme for the European Union Funds Investments in Lithuania

The Public Institution National Regions Development Agency has signed a contract with the European Social Fund Agency and together with its partners has launched a new project “Artel of Practical Skills” (No. 08.6.1-ESFA-T-927-01-0050)! Project will provide opportunities to acquire entrepreneurial skills, work skills through non-formal education, given information, consultations, mediation or other assistance to specific groups in help of finding a job, engaging in non-formal education, internship and community activities.

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